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Raising a generation of innovators and creators

The Smart Classroom is a modern-day necessity in education.

It is a technology-enhanced classroom that is designed to enhance teaching and learning. Smart classrooms are capable of making the most boring subject interesting by integrating learning technology, such as Smart boards, computers, mobile digital learning devices with specialized software and internet devices for accessing vast information from the internet. The Smart Classroom fosters essential skills in logic and critical thinking, computer programming, communication, collaboration and creativity.

We offer a wide range of services that are necessary for Smart Classrooms to function effectively and efficiently.

  • Facility Design

    We play an end-to-end role in the design of the Smart Classroom facility. We take care of furniture, internet, networking, solar power and renovation needs.

  • Software Deployment

    We deploy educational software needed in the Smart Classroom such as Edmodo, Coding Galaxy, 101 EDU PPT, ClassFlow, JumpStart, the Promethean App Store, Google Play Store and lots more.

  • Hardware Deployment

    The Hardware in the Smart Classroom include the Promethean ActivPanel, Robotics Kits, 101 pads, Virtual Reality Kits, Laptops, Desktop Computers and Thin Clients etc. We handle Deployment of these hardware in the Smart Classroom. From Acquisition and shipment to installation, configuration and training.

  • Curriculum Development

    Deploying Smart Classrooms is not enough. Teachers need content to teach. Our team of subject matter experts develop specialized curriculum and content for schools as well as train teachers on how to use the Smart Classroom effectively.